The Team Behind CLOSEM Apps

We're all about helping you make sales.

We started CLOSEM when we saw terrific entrepreneurs struggling to close sales, stressed about having no time to follow up with their leads and customers. We knew we could build a tool to simplify and automate that process. And we also know that the best way for a company like ours to succeed is by offering a product that produces results, and supporting our users to the best of our ability.

Since we launched CLOSEM in July 2020 we’ve added numerous features and enhancements to make the lives of our users easier and more successful. And now we’re added to the universe of CLOSEM APPS with LINKEM, BOOKM, and FINDM, companion products that enable our users to really increase sales without delay.




I’ve been marketing online since the 1990’s. You might not know me personally but there is a very good chance you’ve seen my work online as I run a boutique marketing agency. I’m the secret weapon behind some of the most successful health and wellness brands. 

I also spend my time consulting and training others so that they can also achieve success. CLOSEM Apps are the culmination of years of successful learning. This software takes the guess work out of your success. You shouldn’t have to be a marketing or IT wiz to run your business.